11 crucial Suicide Squad trailer scenes cut from the final film

Why was so much of the superhero movie changed at the last minute?


It’s safe to say that DC’s supervillain romp Suicide Squad hasn’t had an easy ride, facing a critical mauling amid reports of on-set strife, rushed schedules and expensive reshoots that are rumoured to have radically changed the film’s plot and tone.


Of course, we’ll probably never know exactly what the original cut of the film would have been like (though it was probably a lot darker), but we do have some clues as to what we might have expected – because there are an awful lot of scenes from the film’s trailers that never make it to the finished movie, many of which hint at a very different storyline.

After looking through the trailer material, we count just under 30 shots or scenes seen in the trailers that don’t end up in the final cut of the film, and while we’re not going to go through every single one here we think it is worth pulling out a few choice moments…

1. Joker plays two-face

Here’s a funny one to start – a quick shot in one of the trailers apparently shows Joker (with a burned face) throwing a grenade in a tunnel, a scene that never takes place in the finished movie and given his costume presumably occurs after his helicopter is shot down towards the end of the movie.

Was the clown prince of crime supposed to attack the squad again? We’ll probably never know.

2. Boomstick

It’s a small moment, but this shot of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) using her baseball bat as a pretend gun was a much-noticed feature of several trailers, only to be excised for some reason from the finished movie.

Notably, this was even used in the Comic-con trailer released just a week or so before the film actually came out, implying how close to the wire some of the its editing must have been.

3. I can’t wait to show you my toys


Another moment that featured in nearly every trailer was this line from the Joker, but it was ultimately cut (apparently like large amounts of actor Jared Leto’s screentime).