Neighbours: Cooper crosses the line with Xanthe, plus Charlie gets into trouble with Clive

15-19 August 2016: And Ned is rattled by an encounter with an old biker friend


Monday 15 August


Terese finds a way to attend Paul’s shareholder meeting and sabotages it. After a heavy night of drinking, Jack wakes up with a bloodied hand and no memory of what happened. Reeling from the news that Ben has been with Alison, Xanthe finds herself in a compromising position with Cooper. 

Tuesday 16 August

Jack worries that he may have injured his hand by beating up Tyler and asks Amy to find him. Paul calls Amber and persuades her to hand over Matilda’s proxy vote to him instead of Terese. Having heard the adults say that there is no evidence connecting Clive to the recent incidents, Charlie takes matters into his own hands. 

Wednesday 17 August

When Steph learns that Charlie is missing, she fears he has gone hunting for the snakes he believes Clive is hiding. Elly flirts with Ned to take her mind off her recent misfortunes. Ned is rattled by an encounter with an old biker mate and insists that he does not want his old gang to know he is back in town. 

Thursday 18 August

Paige tells Jack that her hook-ups with Tyler are an effort to prove she is over him. Mark comes to the rescue when Charlie’s birthday partyplansfallsapart.Toadiesuspectsthat he is being watched from the bushes, and cannot shake the feeling that someone has been in the house while he was away. 


Friday 19 August

Steph tells Mark that she cannot have another child and understands if this means their relationship is over. Finding a forgotten Harold’s Café receipt in the confessional, Jack sets out to find the stalker. Paige breaks off her relationship with Tyler and agrees to have Jack teach her about his beliefs.