EastEnders trial: will Dean Wicks be found guilty of attempted rape?

Roxy and Shirley both give evidence in next week’s episodes of the BBC1 soap


Dean Wicks will face trial (off screen!)  for the attempted rape of Roxy Mitchell in next week’s episodes of EastEnders – but will he be sent down?


Well, he certainly will be if Ronnie gets her way: Monday’s episode will see Roxy discover that her sister has written to Dean asking him to plead guilty. As reality hits home, it’s left to Ronnie and Jack to help Roxy prepare for what’s ahead.


Tuesday’s episode finds Roxy preparing to give evidence and telling Ronnie that she wants to face the ordeal on her own. Dean’s mum Shirley then takes the stand on Thursday when – after opening up to Kathy and Denise about her worries – she heads to the trial with Denise by her side.

After facing the lawyers, Shirley admits to Mick that it didn’t go well and she starts blaming herself for being a bad mother. Linda, though, is understandably more worried about the prospect of Dean being released should he be found innocent.


By the week of the week, emotions are very running high as the residents wait to hear the outcome of the trial. At the Vic, Roxy, Ronnie, Linda and Shirley find themselves waiting together and they discuss Dean and everything that’s happened. As the women open up about their feelings, they offer words of support to each other and Ronnie insists that Dean is the only person at fault.

Finally, Buster arrives with news of the verdict, will Dean end up being found guilty or not guilty?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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