Chef, No Ordinary Baby, Night at the Museum 2: films on TV today

The Museum returns to life, human cloning and a feel-good foodie film: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today




PREMIERE Chef ★★★★
9.00-11.15pm Film Four 

A winning addition to the subgenre of foodie dramas, Chef is the passion project of Jon Favreau, these days usually behind the megaphone on blockbusters like Iron Man or The Jungle Book. Herein, he writes, directs, co-produces and stars in a sun-blanched, micro-budget tale of culinary self-discovery in a run-down taco truck. Favreau’s disillusioned, divorced Brentwood head chef, hemmed in by owner Dustin Hoffman’s love of classic dishes and publicly slated by a food critic, quits, buys a food van and drives if from his hometown Miami back to LA with his pre-teen son and assistant John Leguizamo, serving Cuban sandwiches to a receptive public, and using social media to grow a buzz. The theme is reconnecting with what you love (i.e. the honesty of ethnic cuisine; the son you don’t really know), but it also does what all food films should do: make you desperately hungry, as fresh veg is griddled and brisket is barbecued. A songtrack of Latin and jazz tunes adds to the carefree, feelgood atmosphere. A proper treat.

Legends of the Fall ★★★★
6.35-9.00pm Movie Mix 

Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins lead a stellar cast in this epic period drama about a stern patriarch and his three sons living on a remote ranch. 

Night at the Museum 2 ★★★
6.50-9.00pm Film Four 

The stars line up for cameos to bring museum exhibits to life, as Ben Stiller has to save his magical pals from permanent storage in this playful sequel to the hit fantasy comedy.    

Mars Attacks! ★★★★
10.05-12.15am ITV4 

Tim Burton goes to town when little green men come down to Earth in this joyous B-movie romp featuring Jack Nicholson and Pierce Brosnan.    

No Ordinary Baby ★★★
11.00pm-1.00am True Entertainment 

Bridget Fonda is ferocious as the ambitious reporter with the ultimate scoop about the cloning of a young girl. 


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