The 25 best fan-made Doctor Who videos

From Wholock to Doctor Puppet, counts down the 25 best fan-made videos...

19. The Ten Doctors


 Doctor Who fans like to create their own stories – especially multi-Doctor ones. 

18. Puppet Pals

Hey guys, it’s that Punch and Judy Doctor Who puppet show that you were all after.

 17. The Doctor Who theme – in acapella 

Just when you thought the Doctor Who theme tune couldn’t be improved, The Warp Zone go ahead and give it an acca-amazing makeover. 

 16. Emperor Dalek sings “FIRE”

The Daleks are not ones for much chat, but thanks to Youtuber SnugglePuss111, we finally got to see what it would be like if instead of shouting “exterminate” they burst into a rendition of this Arthur Brown classic. 

15. Doctor Harsh


David Tennant was famously a very sympathetic Doctor, but with some sharp editing skills, one fan made him react to things more like our current Doctor Peter Capaldi would bluntly do.