Casualty showdown: you’ll never guess who Charlie comes to blows with in the 30th anniversary episode!

Charlie gets uncharacteristically angry - but who is he fighting?


Casualty lynchpin Charlie Fairhead is to physically clash with nursing colleague Jacob Masters in shock scenes to be broadcast in the show’s 30th anniversary episode.


The two men will go head to head in a tense showdown that sees the normally unflappable Charlie lose his cool with man mountain Jacob (Charles Venn) when his temper boils over during a crisis at the hospital.

“It was pretty good because the script says that Jacob can’t hit back. That was fine by me,” joked actor Derek Thompson, who plays series stalwart Charlie.

It’s Charlie v Jacob in the 30th anniversary episode of Casualty isn’t giving away the reason for the two men being at loggerheads, but we can reveal that their fight is tied to an ambitious stunt that the medical drama has in store for its big birthday episode.

Hot headed Jacob has struggled to maintain his professionalism in the past, but on this occasion, it takes the combined forces of Charlie (Derek Thompson) and returnees Duffy (Cathy Shipton) and Josh (Ian Bleasdale) to get him back under control.

Added Thompson: “It’s a wonderful scene and it was quite frightening to play because it breaks the rules for the characters of Charlie and Jacob. They’re doing everything that they shouldn’t be doing.

“It feels quite dangerous – they’re not enjoying this showdown. It was intense and painful to film because we didn’t take any short cuts. It was absolutely head to head. It was intense to do it but we were connected with each other as actors. It was wonderful.”


You can watch the trailer for Casualty’s anniversary episode below.