Casualty star Amanda Mealing on Connie’s car crash cliffhanger – Fans will be rewarded for having to wait!

The actress admits she was "blown away" by the reaction to last Saturday's episode


Casualty star Amanda Mealing has revealed that she was left stunned by the fan reaction to the car crash in last Saturday’s episode that left the lives of Connie and her daughter Grace in the balance.


“I was surprised. I knew that there’d be some kind of reaction because it’s a cliffhanger, but I was really blown away,” said the actress. “People were saying, ‘I’ve been watching this show since I was seven – how can you do this to me?'”

The most recent episode of the long-running BBC1 medical drama saw Connie run off the road, with the car containing her and Grace then plunging over a ravine.

Viewers now have to wait a month until the storyline is resolved in the show’s feature-length 30th anniversary special. Show bosses are not yet revealing whether the pair live or die, but Mealing says that fans will be rewarded for having to wait to see what happens.

“I think they’re going to be rewarded for their four weeks of pain and agony,” she added.

Speaking about the enduring appeal of Casualty, which aired its first episode back in September 1986, Mealing commented: “Casualty offers something that’s familiar but different every week. And it keeps pushing the boundaries.

“It all comes down to good storytelling. Every department is telling a story and it essentially comes down to that.” 


You can watch the trailer for Casualty’s 30th anniversary episode below