Guy sings the Pokemon theme tune in 20 different 90s musical styles – and it’s amazing

Gotta sing 'em all


If Pokemon Go has you feeling all nostalgic for the 90s, you’re not alone. We’ve been daydreaming about double denim, gel pens and Spice Girls lyrics too. 


So, it seems, has Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs, who has lent his versatile vocal chords to this: three and a half minutes of pure 90s nostalgia. 

Vincent has sung the Pokemon theme tune, using 20 different classic 90s styles – and it’s amazing. 


They are all there, from Blink 182 and Bjork to Destiny’s Child, Cher ad Marilyn Manson.There’s even one in the style of Paula Cole’s Dawson’s Creek theme tune. TOO. MANY. MEMORIES.