Coronation Street: will Phelan get caught stealing Jason’s money? Watch upcoming scenes here first!

Get a sneak peek of all the upcoming Corrie drama as Pat puts his plan into action


Is psychopath Pat Phelan about to get his comeuppance? It’s the question all Coronation Street fans will want answering after he gets his hands on Jason Grimshaw’s cash and starts using it for nefarious purposes.


Dodgy Pat looks set to cause chaos as part of a plotline that sees him team up with dodgy businessman Vinny (played by former Doctors star Ian Kelsey). But what is it that they’re up to?

Speaking about the drama, producer Kate Oates said recently: “Phelan is a bad man with a bad scam. He will clearly bring others down for his own pleasure.

“In cahoots with Vinny, they’re planning on building a development and selling properties off to locals. But it’s all a big scam – they intend to abscond with everyones money. Eileen will fall from a great height if Phelan gets his way.” 

Meanwhile, the man himself – actor Connor McIntyre – reckons that Corrie fans are in for a shock: “With Phelan, all is not enough and you’ll see what his plot is very soon. It’s very interesting indeed. I think the audience will be really surprised by what’s still to come.”

You can watch the new promo below. Beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Coronation Street.


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