Who did this Home and Away actor used to play in Neighbours?

Do you recognise the former Ramsay St star playing Irene's crazed son Mick?


It’s not unusual for actors from Neighbours to jump ship to Home Away and vice versa: Guy Pierce, Craig McLachlan, Rebekah Elmaloglou and Kip Gamblin being just a few who have done a stint on both Australian soaps.


But do you recognise the latest star to swap Ramsay Street for Summer Bay?

Next week’s episodes of Home and Away will finally reveal what happened to Irene, who went missing from her home weeks ago. As it turns out, she’s actually being held hostage by her unbalanced son Mick and will next be seen tied to a chair!

But take a look at Mick himself: does he look familiar? Home and Away fans will remember that the character first turned up on the night of the caravan park explosion, claiming to be Chris’s uncle. But he eventually revealed himself to be Irene’s long-lost son…

However, Neighbours fans from the 1980s might recall him having a different identity altogether – yes, it’s Todd Landers AKA actor Kristian Schmid!

Todd, of course, came to a sticky end after being hit by a van, but Schmid went on to have roles in The Tomorrow People, the Scooby-Doo movie and Sea Patrol. 


But the big question now is whether Schmid will suffer the same fate on Home and Away as he did in Neighbours? As Irene stages an escape attempt, she hits crazed Mick with a rock and makes a run for it.


So will this put paid to Mick’s kidnap attempt or is there more drama to come? You can read next week’s Home and Away spoilers here.