Steven Moffat’s son keeps trying and failing to prank Michelle Gomez

Louis Moffat attempted to outwit Missy at London Film and Comic-Con


Doctor Who and Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat likes to tease fans – and it turns out his son, Louis, is a chip off the old block. 


The offspring of Moffat and his wife (and Sherlock producer) Sue Vertue attempted to prank Doctor who star Michelle Gomez during London Film and Comic-Con over the weekend, but – unfortunately for him – the actress who plays Missy was one step ahead of him.

The prank sees Louis don a horse mask and pose as the event’s ‘crew’ in an attempt to get Gomez to sign a picture without realising it’s him. According to the video, this footage shows his third and final attempt of the day…

At first Gomez doesn’t appear to recognise the actor (who played young Sherlock in the BBC series back in 2014) but she soon twigs, squawking in triumph as she makes the connection and gets Louis to remove his mask. 

He marches off, unsuccessful, but armed with an autograph all the same. “I got her to sign my horse pic,” he says. “That’s going on my wall.”


We’ll keep an eye out for his next attempt.