Emmerdale star Steve Halliwell – I want Zak and Lisa to get back together

Is there going to be a Dingle reunion?


Emmerdale stalwart Steve Halliwell as admitted that he wants to see his character Zak Dingle reunited with ex-wife Lisa.


“It’s because of the long tradition of the Dingles and the fact that Zak and Lisa were a symbol of loyalty and family values,” says the actor. “It’s what the viewers would like. And it’s what I would like too.”

Next week’s episodes of the ITV soap will see Zak’s wedding day to Joanie arrive, but Halliwell says that he’s still getting flak from fans about him having split from Lisa in the first place:

“People do shout out at me, ‘what are you doing, you naughty man? Get back with Lisa!’ And I tell them that’s in the hands of the writers. I don’t know whether he will get back with her, but I think he could. Viewers say to me that Joanie’s all right, but she’s not Lisa.”

And regular Emmerdale watches might just get the first sign of any reconciliation in an upcoming episode when Zak learns that Lisa isn’t coping well with the idea of her ex marrying another woman.

“Because Lisa’s been quite kind about the wedding and has even wished them luck, Zak assumes she’s dealing with it well.

“And when he finds out that she’s not, he feels he has to tell her that he’ll always be there for her if she needs her.”

So could this be a hint of a Zak and Lisa reunion? You’ll have to watch all the drama on next week’s Emmerdale to find out!

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below


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