EastEnders: Ronnie discovers who Andy really is – but what happens next?

Will Ronnie put herself in grave danger during Thursday's episode?


Is Andy the builder’s big secret about to be revealed? It’s the question all EastEnders fans want answering tonight after Ronnie Mitchell appeared to finally discover his true identity.


Scenes just broadcast on tonight’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw Ronnie begin to piece together the details of Andy Flynn’s history after discovering that he’d taken her kids on a trip to see his father in Telford rather than the zoo as had been previously planned.


And wIth Kyle having filled Ronnie in about the file that he’d seen in Andy’s possession containing not only pictures of his sister Danielle, but also shots of the Mitchell sisters, it now seems that a showdown is surely on the cards.

As viewers are already aware, Andy’s real name is Gareth and he’s actually the adoptive brother of Ronnie’s late daughter Danielle. But fans don’t yet know what Andy/Gareth’s intentions are: is he on a mission of revenge or does he merely want to get to know Ronnie better?


Based on what we’ve already seen, it appears that his plan could well be malevolent – he was, after all, seen confronting Ronnie in a scary manner back in June, only to be interrupted just as things were turning menacing. And yet despite the palpable air of tension, Ronnie decided not to show Andy the door.

Upcoming episodes, though, will see Ronnie grow ever-determined to get to the truth, all of which leads to a confrontation in the cafe in the park. But in deciding to meet with Andy alone, is Ronnie putting herself in grave danger? Could Walford’s ice queen be about to meet her match?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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