Home and Away: Irene is held hostage – plus Billie discovers the identity of her attacker

8-12 August 2016: And Justin persuades Tori to pull back from her friendship with Nate


Monday 8 August


Irene wakes up in a derelict room where a man named Mick, convinced that he is her son, has been holding her. Later, Mick confronts Olivia and gives her an ultimatum— if she wants to see Irene again, she needs to get in his car and come with him. Marilyn comes home to a shocked and thrilled John. 

Tuesday 9 August

Irene fights back against Mick and manages to escape, but when she is taken to hospital and Mick is arrested, she learns a terrible truth. When Justin learns that Tori has been sharing family secrets with Nate, he convinces her to cut him off before she gets the family in danger. John and Marilyn struggle to readjust to each other’s company. 

Wednesday 10 August

Tori vents to Brody that their situation means they can never settle down or make friends, and her words seem to touch a nerve. Billie suspects that Mick might have been her attacker, and goes to the hospital to find out once and for all. Andy gives Kat some home truths and urges her to make peace with Ash. 

Thursday 11 August

Phoebe tries to convince Billie to come forward about her rape. Hunter prepares to learn if he is going to juvenile detention for stabbing Andy and burning down Leah’s house. Phoebe is in for a shock when Brody takes over Angelo’s. Roo struggles to deal with an angry Alf. Evie tries to carry on as normal but Josh’s guilt is eating him up. 


Friday 12 August

Josh records a conversation in which Andy admits to taking the blame, and hands it in to the police. The gulf between Marilyn and John widens when Marilyn announces that she has put them back on the foster parent waiting list. On his first day of community service, Hunter gets off on the wrong foot with Danika, his hard-line supervisor.