7 of Francis Boulle’s finest Made in Chelsea moments

The legend returns

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In this clip several excellent things happen: Francis says “tag” instead of “name”, he attaches an “extreme sports camera” to his face, and he loses his skateboard in a puddle.

Looking particularly exuberant in Scottish dress, Francis and Jamie are skipping along the street in kilts, ready to jump out at Hugo and Rosie. Francis accidentally-on-purpose exposes his testicles and then they laugh and laugh and laugh. It’s weird.


He just can’t keep his clothes on, this guy. Francis goes for a solo skinny-dip and when Rosie catches him in the act he asks her out. This is pretty much how the conversation went after Rosie turned him down…

Rosie: “It’s quite weird that you’re naked in a pool on your own.”

Francis: “Things happen.”


We are very much looking forward to seeing more “things happen” to Francis on Made in Chelsea at 9pm tonight on E4