7 of Francis Boulle’s finest Made in Chelsea moments

The legend returns


Francis Boulle: diamond heir, singer, pro skateboarder. He’s a man of many layers, an unlikely heart-throb, and he’s back on Made in Chelsea tonight.


For this latest spin-off series, the SW3 Massive head to Cannes to carry on the pardy.

To celebrate Francis’s return, we’ve rounded up his best bits, from awkward to adorable.

Let’s hope there are many more of these to come…

Why this video has less than a million views is beyond me. “The Best Is Yet To Come” is the debut track from The Lost Bois (Jamie, Francis and Proudlock), and it is an absolute delight. Highlights include Francis grabbing onto a tree and whispering “diamonds” for no reason. Move over One Direction.


Look at that sandwich. Look at it. It’s so big. It’s ginormous. You could kill a man with that sandwich. Just look at the envy on Proudlock’s face. He’s smiling but really in his head he’s thinking: “I want to eat that sandwich.” It’s a tense moment. Fantastic TV.

So it turns out Boulle has a penchant for slapstick. This scene is amazing because things exactly like this happen all the time (to the best of us) and also he’s wearing sunglasses inside.


Here, he is posing for an oil painting. “In years to come when people look back on this painting, I think it’ll be clear why I’m holding a globe.” – Francis Boulle, 2011. Nope, five years later, still not clear. And the pineapple? Should we be afraid?