Emmerdale: will Andy plead guilty in court?

Rakesh and Chrissie are both scheming to get Andy sent down!


Will Andy realise he’s being set up by a vengeful Chrissie before it’s too late? It’s the question that Emmerdale fans will be left asking when the beleaguered farmer has his day in court in an upcoming episode of the ITV soap.


Upcoming scenes find Chrissie backing Andy’s lawyer Rakesh into a corner when she works out that he deliberately set fire to Mill Cottage.

After bribing Rakesh that she’ll buy the Mill development should Andy be convicted, Chrissie will face looks of concern from Lawrence, who worries that the plan will fail. Chrissie assures him, but Lawrence is left troubled by her cold attitude as she continues to stir and machinate.

Meanwhile, at court, Rakesh is left feeling profoundly guilty when he advises Andy that he should plead guilty. But will the tactic work when the time comes for Andy to take his place in the dock and makes his plea?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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