Celebrity Big Brother 2016: 7 things that happen on tonight’s show

Secret Boss Biggins gets nominating – and is romance in the air for Marnie and Grant?


As the housemates settle into the house and get unpacked, the CBB bosses are stirring the pot with their Secret Boss – Christopher Biggins – who has already started submitting nominations for next Friday’s eviction, unaware that everyone knows his selection actually makes them exempt from the public vote. 


Two days into their stint on the series, the 13 housemates have been chatting, gossiping and prancing around in donkey costumes. Here’s are 7 things that happen in tonight’s episode…

1. Biggins assigns some labels

As the Secret Boss, Biggins is summoned to the diary room to dish out titles to some of his housemates. Frankie is named the most egotistical, Samantha the most iconic, Marnie and Heavy D are the trashiest and Lewis and Bear the least talented. Ouch!


2. And the chosen housemates are either punished or rewarded

Big Brother gathers the contestants on the sofa to reveal what the Secret Boss has assigned to who. The least talented housemates – Lewis and Bear – must wear a pantomime donkey costume and prance around the garden every time they hear a donkey sound effect; most egotistical housemate Frankie must prepare a presentation entitled ’10 Things I Love About Me and You Should Too’; most iconic housemate Sam must open a pod named ‘The Samantha Fox Suite’ decked out with sweets and refreshments; and trashiest housemates Marnie and Heavy D are tasked with sorting trash. See what they did there?

3. Judgements are made

As the housemates settle in, they are – unsurprisingly – vocal with their first impressions. “Fatboy I think is a snide, too nice for me,” says Bear. “Biggins makes me laugh! Chloe, ol’ big tits, seems like a nice girl. I don’t think James likes me. I think Grant’s alright… not my friend yet.” Meanwhile, Marnie reckons “Lewis is really handsome,” adding, “I can get into a proper good conversation with Bear, he’s really funny!” And Chloe is none too impressed with Saira: “I think she’s trying to provoke something to get a response to make TV interesting. She chats s**t.” 

4. Saira and James bury the hatchet

They didn’t get off to the best start, after he accused her of calling him out for being a racist, but it looks like Saira and James have smoothed things over. Chilling in the smoking area, she tells him all about being really proud of her parents’ values, adding, “Family is really important.” James agrees. “I respect people’s right to believe whatever they want.” 


5. Britain vs America

In the kitchen, Samantha is explaining her Page 3 career to Frankie. We can’t wait to see how that conversation plays out… 

6. Romance in the air? 

Marnie and Grant are getting on well. He reveals he lost his virginity aged 17, and he was seduced. Marnie asks him if he likes to spoon… and then has to explain to him what spooning is. It all sounds a bit flirty, and Marnie later reveals in the diary room: “I think Grant fancies us! I think we’re flirting, he’s sexy, we have a strong bond!” 

7. Biggins is nominating again

Back in the diary room, unaware he’s being watched by everyone, Biggins is asked to nominate his next housemate by spilling a drink all over them. He opts for water and promptly dumps it over Lewis. “I’m so sorry!” he exclaims, as everyone laughs. But it’s good news for Lewis – he’s now also exempt from Friday’s eviction, along with Biggins and Saira. 


Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5