It’s carnage at the Office Christmas Party in first trailer for new Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman movie

This film will trump anything embarrassing you've ever done at work do


Ah, the office Christmas party, we’ve all been there.


Copious amounts of free booze, dreadful music and awkward exchanges with colleagues. Generally making a lot of professional faux pas you’ll regret at the work the next day.

But judging by the new trailer for Office Christmas Party, this is the work do to end all work dos. 

The comedy stars Silicon Valley’s TJ Miller as Clay, the fun-loving president of a struggling tech company and Jennifer Aniston as his sister Carol, the CEO, who is ruthlessly planning to make cuts to the payroll.

Their father (the company’s founder) recently died, leaving the power up for grabs. Who will take the reins? Will it be Clay and his close friend Josh (Jason Bateman) who helped him set up the raucous party to score a big new client?

Maybe, unless of course the party descends into absolute chaos: smashed windows, unidentifiable objects on fire, people urinating everywhere but the toilet.

Well, that escalated quickly.


Office Christmas Party will hit UK cinemas on 9th December