Home and Away: Alf has a heart attack – plus Olivia and Chris discover that Irene has been kidnapped

1-5 August 2016: And the mystery of the Morgan family deepens when Mason’s ex comes to visit


Monday 1 August


When Alf has a heart attack while out on the water, Justin dives in and swims to shore to get help. Nate and Tori face down malicious rumours about their relationship. Hunter struggles in the wake of Andy’s apparent confession and charges into the police station, demanding to speak to him. 

Tuesday 2 August

The mystery of the Morgan family deepens when Mason’s ex-girlfriend pays a surprise visit. Alf’s life is on the line despite Justin’s brave rescue attempt. When Angelo’s chef walks out, a harried Phoebe receives help from an unexpected quarter. Nate is disappointed when work gossip threatens to curb his new friendship with Tori. 

Wednesday 3 August

Alf is brought back to life after flatlining, but doctors warn that he may never fully recover from the stroke which followed the heart attack. The Morgans clash over Mason’s love life. Josh gets a final face-to-face meeting with Andy before he is shipped to remand. Hunter’s grief overwhelms him and he heads to the police station to find Andy. 

Thursday 4 August

Josh is arrested for his involvement in Jake’s murder. Hunter finally learns how to work through Andy’s betrayal without lashing out. Zac steps in when he notices that VJ is prioritising Billie over his studies. Ash apologises to Kat for letting out a secret she had confided to him. 


Friday 5 August

VJ is stunned when Billie tells him that she is falling in love with him. Olivia and Chris are shaken when they start receiving picture messages of Irene from her kidnapper. Evie tells Kat that if she pressures Josh to confess to Charlotte’s murder, she will expose her involvement in the cover-up.