Coronation Street: Sarah tells Todd, “Kylie killed Callum!” Will he go to the police?

Tina O'Brien reveals all about a cliffhanger week for the Platts


Sarah will crack under pressure in next week’s Coronation Street when she tells Todd that Kylie killed Callum.


The cliffhanger moment will come just as the Platts are burying Kylie – but with Todd convinced that David was responsible for Callum’s demise, he’s soon levelling accusations.

Shock scenes will then see a fragile Sarah letting Todd in on her family’s dark secret, while David begs Todd not to go to the police for the sake of Max and Lily. But Todd refuses to make any promises.

Here, actress Tina O’Brien reveals all about a dramatic week for the Platts…

So, how is Sarah’s mental state at this point?
Sarah still has a long recovery ahead of her. She’s made some progress while being in hospital, but she still has some way to go and the latest shock to the Platt family could really set her back. However, she wants to give David the support that he’s given her over the past few months. It’s not going to be easy for any of them, least of all Sarah and David, but when times are tough they always pull together.

Why has she decided to come out of hospital?
Sarah’s been discussing her gradual discharge plan with the nurses over the past few weeks. Basically, this means that when they felt she was ready, Sarah would go home for a few hours, then maybe a night stay and then a weekend, until both her and the doctors thought she’d be OK to move home.

Sarah really wants to be at home for David and while she knows it could be detrimental to her own well being, she knows she knows that she needs to be by his side at the funeral. It’s a huge decision for Sarah to take and Gail and Bethany really try and persuade her otherwise. But Sarah’s mind is made up – and in some ways I think that feeling needed by her family really helps her.

How is she coping without Kylie?
Well, in some ways she feels she owes Kylie this – in Sarah’s eyes, Kylie saved her life and then supported her through her time in hospital. So she wants to be there for David, not only for him, but for Kylie too. Sarah will mourn for Kylie. They had become really close over time.

How does she feel when she realises Todd thinks she murdered Callum?
She’s massively shocked. She can’t believe it – she’s rocked by it. Sarah really wasn’t well at all when she initially spoke to Todd about Callum on the day of Bethany’s party, so while she never said outright that she killed Callum, a lot of what she said could easily have been interpreted the wrong way.

Why does Todd then think that David is the murderer?
I think he just jumps to a natural conclusion. If it wasn’t Sarah, but Sarah knew all about it, then to Todd that means it must have been David. Todd also knows what David is like. I think Todd just gets lost in the fury of it all and once he has it in his head that it was David. He can’t see past it.

What makes Sarah confess that Kylie was Callum’s killer?
On the day of Kylie’s funeral Todd is like a dog with a bone. He follows David and Sarah to the house after the funeral and he just won’t stop getting at David, accusing him of killing Callum and telling him that Jason left town because he believed his father was a murderer. Sarah is worried what this might do to David and she knows that he would never betray Kylie or tell Todd the truth. Sarah can’t take it and, in blind panic, blurts out the truth.

How does she feel after she’s told the truth?
I think part of her probably feels like a weight has been lifted, while the other half of her will feel incredibly guilty that she’s told Todd the truth about Kylie, when Kylie was the one who saved her. She probably also panics that Todd will go to the police and land them all in it. Sarah knows that the family wouldn’t be able to take any more blows.

How does Todd react?
He’s shell-shocked. For so long, he thought it was Sarah, and then he’s been so convinced it was David. Kylie never crossed his mind, so he’s completely stunned. They try to beg him not to go to the police but Todd refuses to make any promises. He thinks he needs to do what’s right.

How worried is she that he’ll go to the police? 
She knows the family won’t recover from it if they have to be put through the turmoil of another investigation and arrests. She worries what it will mean for Max and Lily if both her and David get sent down.

Was it sad filming the funeral?
The storyline was so heartbreaking to film, it really was. David and Kylie are a love story and what happens is devastating. The Platts have been through a lot together and are so tight, and all of us love working with each other so much. So it’s really sad to have to say goodbye to Kylie, but to Paula [Lane] too.

Is there still a lot more to come regarding Sarah’s psychosis?
Sarah has a long way to go in terms of her recovery, but over time I think Sarah will slowly start to improve. However, she will have to have continued professional support and a lot of help from her family.

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