The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Finding Nemo, I Am Legend: films on TV today

Ben Stiller swaps daydreams for the real thing, Pixar heads beneath the waves, and Will Smith surveys a desolate New York: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ★★★
Premiere 9.00-11.05pm C4 


Adapted from a James Thurber story for star Danny Kaye in its first incarnation in 1947, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was pointed at a new audience in 2013 as a more soul-searching vehicle for Ben Stiller. Kaye’s clowning is replaced by a more existentially human performance from Stiller, who also directs and co-produces. He’s an underachieving photo librarian at Life magazine with a crush on co-worker Kristen Wiig. But rather than daydreaming it, Stiller’s Mitty actually embarks on a quest to chase down a missing negative via Greenland, Iceland, Afghanistan and the Himalayas. This has been dismissed as a midlife-crisis film that’s been stripped of its fantasy element, but it’s actually a fine-looking, corporeal madcap picaresque. 

Rear Window ★★★★★
1.30-3.20pm BBC2 

Has wheelchair-bound James Stewart’s snooping really uncovered a murder? Grace Kelly does his legwork in Alfred Hitchcock’s sleek but claustrophobic thriller.    

Finding Nemo ★★★★★
5.30-7.30pm C4 

With Finding Dory in cinemas this Friday, here’s the perfect opportunity to revisit Pixar’s original aquatic odyssey, in which a single-parent clown fish embarks on a perilous, ocean-encompassing search for his lost son.  

Quantum of Solace ★★★
8.00-10.05pm ITV 

Daniel Craig’s grim,single-minded James Bond seeks revenge in this punchy, breathless entry in the series that picks up the action from Casino Royale.    

I Am Legend ★★★ 
10.15pm-12.05am ITV 

This good-looking third take on Richard Matheson’s classic science-fiction tale casts an eerie shadow, with Will Smith as the lone survivor of a man-made plague virus.  


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