The first Wonder Woman and Justice League trailers have been released

And they're looking surprisingly cheery...


Never let it be said that San Diego Comic-con does anything by halves – especially when it comes to exciting superhero sizzle reels.


The annual US geek convention hasn’t even started half its panels yet or got to the big show planned by Marvel studios, but our superhero cup already runneth over after Warner Bros released high-profile trailers for Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad (again) and Justice League, despite the latter film not being released until November 2017.

So first up: Wonder Woman, which at the moment is looking pitched somewhere between 300 and Captain America: The First Avenger.

Gal Gadot is back as the Amazonian warrior Diana Prince, brought to civilisation by a wisecracking pilot (Chris Pine) and getting involved in World War I in some pretty exciting-looking action scenes. Notably, her outfit is looking a little bit brighter and more in keeping with her comic-book inspiration, which is nice after the dour palette of Batman vs Superman.

Said brightness continues over in this brief selection of footage from Justice League, although in this case it’s more thematic – director Zack Snyder has clearly heard fan complaints about how grim and gritty Batman and Superman were in his last movie, so this time he’s upping the humour quotient (especially from Ezra Miller’s speedster The Flash).

Basically in this footage we get to see Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) pull a Nick Fury and travel the world recruiting superheroes, mainly focusing on Miller’s Barry Allen and Aquaman (Jason Momoa), though Ray Fisher’s cyborg hero called, er, Cyborg, also gets a quick look-in. Fan response to this trailer so far has been pretty positive, so this good be a sign of a turn-around for Warner Bros’ superhero universe.

Oh, and they also released more Suicide Squad footage, and there’s not that much new in there but we though we’d throw it in anyway because Suicide Squad looks awesome. Enjoy!


Suicide Squad will be released on August 5th, followed by Wonder Woman next summer and Justice League in November 2017