BoJack Horseman renewed for fourth series

He’ll be horsin’ around for a long time to come


Good news, BoJack Horseman fans currently binging on the new series (which was released on Netflix yesterday) – the darkly comic cartoon has already been renewed for a fourth season, meaning there’ll be plenty more Hollywoo action coming your way in future.


Yes, that’s right – a whole ‘nother year of faded sitcom star BoJack’s (Will Arnett) self-destructive actions in his twisted half-human, half-animal world, sure to be stuffed with bizarre celebrity cameos, pithy one-liners and deep conversations about the state of a human soul. Frankly, we can’t wait either. 

With that said, we might advise rationing out the 12 season three episodes just released for now. We imagine it’s going to feel like a long wait until the next season…


BoJack Horseman season three is streaming on Netflix now