Rio 2016 Olympics schedule: day-by-day sport guide and event coverage

From athletics to wrestling, find out what time every sport in the Rio 2016 Olympics will be on TV


The BBC is planning to show every sport live every day when Rio 2016 Olympics competition begins on Saturday 6th August.


BBC1 and BBC4 will be showing the best of the action every day, but the BBC Sport website and the Red Button will have up to 24 extra channels showing every event taking place.

That means viewers will be able to choose whichever sport they want to watch in full, whenever the action is taking place.

Here is the full Rio 2016 Olympics day-by-day schedule, from athletics and archery to wrestling and weightlifting. Check back for day-by-day highlights and expert guides to what’s on TV each day during the Olympic Games.

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 Saturday 6th (Day 1)     Sunday 7th (Day 2)     Monday 8th (Day 3)     Tuesday 9th (Day 4)   
 Wednesday 10th (Day 5)     Thursday 11th (Day 6)      Friday 12th (Day 7)      Saturday 13th (Day 8)    
 Sunday 14th (Day 9)     Monday 15th (Day 10)     Tuesday 16th (Day 11)      Wednesday 17th (Day 12)    
 Thursday 18th (Day 13)      Friday 19th (Day 14)      Saturday 20th (Day 15)      Sunday 21st (Day 16) 

Olympics Day 1: Saturday 6th August – all times UK British Summer Time


1.00pm—3.55 Men’s team event: last-16 matches

7.00pm—10.35 Men’s team event: quarter-finals (7.00); semi-finals (8.45); bronze-medal play-off (9.40); final (10.10)


4.00pm—1.30am Women’s preliminary rounds: Turkey v France (4.00); China v Canada (6.15); Brazil v Australia (9.30); Belarus v Japan (11.45)

6.15pm—4.15am Men’s preliminary rounds: Australia v France (6.15); China v USA (11.00); Venezuela v Serbia (2.30am)


2.00pm—5.50 Men’s and women’s preliminaries

7.30pm—11.20pm Men’s and women’s preliminaries

1.00am—4.50 Men’s and women’s preliminaries


3.00pm—5.15 Men’s preliminaries: light fly from 3.00; light from 3.45; light heavy from 4.30; heavy at 5.00

9.00pm—11.15 Men’s preliminaries: light fly from 9.00; light from 9.45; light heavy from 10.30; heavy at 11.00


1.30pm—7.50 Men’s road race


2.00pm—8.00 Eventing: Individual and team dressage, day 1


1.00pm—6.15 Women’s epee individual: round of 64 (1.00); round of 32 (2.15); round of 16 (4.30); quarter-finals (5.45)

8.00pm—10.35 Women’s epee individual: semi-finals (8.00); bronze medal bout (9.15); final (9.45)


7.00pm—4.00am First round: Canada v Zimbabwe (7.00); USA v France (9.00); Germany v Australia (10.00); South Africa v People’s Republic of China (11.00); Colombia v New Zealand (12.00); Brazil v Sweden (2.00am)


2.30pm—5.00 Men’s artistic: qualification, subdivision 1

6.30pm—9.00 Men’s artistic: qualification, subdivision 2

10.30pm—1.00am Men’s artistic: qualification, subdivision 3


1.30pm—3.20am Women’s preliminary matches: Norway v Brazil (1.30); Netherlands v France (3.30); Russian Federation v Republic of Korea (6.40); Montenegro v Spain (8.40); Romania v Angola (11.50); Sweden v Argentina (1.50am)


2.00pm—7.15 Men’s pool matches: Argentina v Netherlands (2.00); India v Ireland (3.00); Belgium v Great Britain (4.30)

9.00pm—2.15am Women’s pool matches: Argentina v USA (9.00); Great Britain v Australia (12.30am)

10.00pm—1.15am Men’s pool matches: Canada v Germany (10.00); Spain v Brazil (11.30)


2.00pm—5.00 Men’s -60kg and women’s -48kg: preliminaries and quarter-final bouts

7.30pm—10.10 Men’s -60kg and women’s -48kg: semi-final and final bouts


12.30pm—5.10 Heats: 12.30 men’s singles sculls; 1.30 women’s single sculls; 2.30 men’s pair; 3.00 women’s double sculls; 3.30 men’s double sculls; 4.00 men’s lightweight four; 4.30 men’s quadruple sculls; 4.50 women’s quadruple sculls


3.00pm—6.00 Women’s pool matches: France v Spain (3.00); New Zealand v Kenya (3.30); Great Britain v Brazil (4.00); Canada v Japan (4.30); USA v Fiji (5.00); Australia v Colombia (5.30)

8.00pm—11.00 Women’s pool matches: France v Kenya (8.00); New Zealand v Spain (8.30); Great Britain v Japan (9.00); Canada v Brazil (9.30); USA v Colombia (10.00); Australia v Fiji (10.30)


12.30pm—3.30 Women’s 10m air rifle: qualification (12.30) and finals (2.30)

5.00pm—8.30 Men’s 10m air pistol: qualification (5.00) and finals (8.00)


5.00pm—7.30pm Opening heats

2.00am—3.50am 2.00am men’s 400m individual medley final; 2.11 women’s 100m butterfly semi-finals; 2.24 men’s 400m freestyle final; 2.45 women’s 400m individual medley final; 3.06 men’s 100m breaststroke semi-finals; 3.19 women’s 4x100m freestyle relay final


1.00pm—4.45pm Men’s and women’s singles prelims, plus women’s singles first round

6.30pm—9.30pm Men’s and women’s singles first-round matches

11.00pm—2.00am Men’s singles first round, plus women’s singles second round


2.45pm—12 midnight First-round matches in the men’s and women’s singles and doubles

10.45pm—3.00am First-round matches in the men’s and women’s singles and doubles


1.30pm—5.20 Women’s preliminary rounds: Japan v Republic of Korea (1.30); People’s Republic of China v Netherlands (3.35)

7.00pm—10.50 Women’s preliminary rounds: Brazil v Cameroon (7.00); USA v Puerto Rico (9.05)

12.30am—4.20 Women’s preliminary rounds: USA v South Korea (12.30am); Serbia v Italy (2.35)


1.00pm—3.40 Men’s preliminary rounds: Serbia v Hungary (1.00); USA v Croatia (2.20)

3.40pm—6.20 Men’s preliminary rounds: Spain v Italy (3.40);

Greece v Spain (5.00)

11.30pm—2.10am Men’s preliminary rounds: France v Montenegro (11.30pm);

Brazil v Australia (12.50am)



11.00pm—1.00am Women’s 48kg