This Twitter love story will warm your cynical heart

A woman has married Waterstones' social media guy after tweeting her love for him three years earlier


The internet can be a bleak and lonely place. We’ve all heard, or been the unwilling star of, an internet dating disaster story. And just this week we’ve seen Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones leave Twitter because of the racist abuse targeted at her on the social media platform. 


But, thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom out there in the interwebs. There are joyful, uplifting stories to come out of social media too. Get ready for this (much-needed) one to warm your cold and cynical heart. 

Three years ago @VictoriaOB_randomly declared her love for Waterstones’ witty social media guy on Twitter. And then earlier this month, this happened: 

Yeah. She married her social media crush.

Back in 2012 this is how their very modern love story began. With a tweet, very topically, about Pokemon:

Waterstones replied:

And the rest, as they say, was history. Victoria and Jonathan, who now works for Innocent Smoothies, ended up chatting on Twitter before meeting in real-life and falling in real-life love. IT’S TOO CUTE. 

Twitter are loving it: 

Even Waterstones’ new social media manager is jumping on the bandwagon:


Be still our beating hearts…