The company behind Pokemon Go wants to make a real-world Game of Thrones app

Because the night is dark and full of Terrakions


Are you a Pokemon-hunting Game of Thrones fan? Can you imagine a world where these two fantasy realms come together? The glorious pairing, it turns out, isn’t impossible. 


Pokemon Go developer Niantic has revealed they are keen to further explore “the genre of real-world gaming” – and it could include a trip to Westeros. 

“For us, we’re really trying to create the genre of real-world gaming,” Niantic’s Archit Bhargava told GameSpot. “No-one’s really done this in a way that we were all excited about. It’s all about getting people moving, getting them exploring the world around them.

“There could be a board game you could make in the real world where people are capturing locations, like Risk or something,” he suggests, before revealing the game he really wants to make… 

“My personal fantasy is a Game of Thrones game, where Westeros is mapped out on Earth and you join House Stark or whatever.”


Now that’s one game we’d really like to play…