1. Make a cool speech summing up the message of your adventure


Making a speech is a good instinct, and this one’s a doozy. Tying in relevant metaphors to your situation, relevant historical and cultural examples and some great wordplay, it’s a piece of oratory for the ages.


Unfortunately, no-one gets to enjoy it for long, because you forgot one thing – you needed to go shopping and pick up the cleaning supplies that helped you escape that locked room in the first place. They weren’t there when you went back in time, and how else were they supposed to turn up?

So sadly your oversight means that you were never able to escape and none of this adventure really happened, time rewriting around you as you come to the stirring crescendo of your speech.


Oh well. Maybe you’ll have better luck the next time round…

Time has been rewritten, but can you escape the Daleks this time?