New BBC+ app aims to pull together and personalise programmes and content

The new service is part of the Corporation's move towards greater personalisation and ownership for its audience


The BBC has launched a new personalised app called BBC+ aimed at tying together access to all its digital services.


Customers with a BBC ID can now use the app which collates BBC content such as the News website, iPlayer and other digital content platforms and tailors recommendations according to personal preferences.

The app allows user to tick various categories they are interested in when signing up and uses their location and what they have previously watched, read or listened to to choose what to put in front of them. It will also provide editorially curated recommendations, including leading news stories.

The new service launches today [Tuesday] and is available to download for free on both iOS and Android mobiles in the UK.

The hope is for future versions of the app to become even more personalised, possibly tailoring more content according to users’ preferences built up through various viewing choices they have made on iPlayer.

The BBC plans to market more of its personalised services to audiences in the coming months. As it develops, more content will be accessible from inside the app.

BBC+ is part of director-general Tony Hall’s wider strategy aimed at making BBC services more personalised.

The BBC ID was launched five years ago and allows the Corporation to remember the online BBC browsing history of users who can then be given personalised recommendations and can opt-in to personalised email updates. So far 7.2 million people have created a BBC ID by registering on the BBC website.

“I want the BBC of the future to have a much closer relationship with audiences,” Tony Hall said in 2013. “We should be treating them like owners not just as licence fee payers.”

In March last year he launched the MyBBC initiative aimed at boosting the corporation as a technology giant, making the service more personal and heralding an end to linear TV.

Clare Hudson, Executive Editor, Homepage and BBC+, said: “By making BBC+ customisable, we are able to give users more relevant things to read, watch and listen to from across the BBC. This means you can use your spare moments well because once you’ve caught up on the day’s main events, you can browse articles from across the BBC on topics you’ve chosen yourself. It’s also an easy way to discover things you weren’t expecting to find as everything is brought together in one simple app.”


Paul Owen, Head of Product, Homepage and BBC+, said: “As seven million people have signed up to MyBBC, we are increasingly able to provide them with more of what they love based on what they’ve told us. BBC+ is a key part of the journey towards achieving a much more personal BBC and truly brings topical information from across the whole organisation to your pocket, ready for you to access at your convenience. This is just the start for us, and over time the app will evolve and add new features based on user feedback.”