Nugget-munching young fans were welcome at my play, says Kit Harington

Theatre producer Richard Jordan despaired over the behaviour of an eating, talking and picture-taking crowd - but Jon Snow wasn't put off and doesn't want to discourage a younger audience


Kit Harington has defended young theatre-goers who have been criticised for not behaving correctly during his performance of Doctor Faustus in the West End. 


“Despairing” theatre producer Richard Jordan witnessed theatre-goers talking, taking photos and eating. The latter included some audience members whipping out “a box of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and a large side of fries” as The Jamie Lloyd Company staged the final night of their adaptation of the Christopher Marlowe tragedy.  

“Munching certainly seemed to be the order of the day,” Jordan said in a piece for The Stage, adding: “My night at Doctor Faustus will rate as possibly the worst West End audience I have ever encountered.” He noted that while the Duke of York’s theatre staff had attempted to intervene, it became simply pointless with the number of people breaking what he saw as generally accepted audience behaviour. 

But Harington himself (who probably doesn’t need the Game of Thrones introduction but I’ll give it anyway – he plays Jon Snow) says he wasn’t disturbed and doesn’t want people to shy away from live performances. 

“I am afraid that if the theatre is going to die of anything it will be from exactly this type of stereotyping and prejudice aimed towards a new and younger generation of theatre-goers,” the actor told the Guardian

“Of course pictures were occasionally taken, as unfortunately cannot be avoided in any audience anywhere today, but on the whole it was not a huge amount and definitely not off-putting as a performer,” Harington added, having done a 10-week run of the show. 

In fact, Harington was full of praise for those who’d come to see the show. 


“I found our audiences to be hugely enthusiastic, energised and responsive. I can’t think of a greater support I’ve had as an actor on the stage.”