Guest twerks, dress rips, Rylan loses it. Just another day at Big Brother’s Bit on the Side…

Move over Paxman - host Rylan Clark-Neal says Lateysha Grace's wardrobe malfunction made for the "best interview ever"


Big Brother’s Bit On The Side host Rylan Clark-Neal got a lot more than he bargained for when new (and surprise) BB evictee Lateysha Grace popped by for a chat: her dress ripped clean open as she twerked for the cameras. 


Doing far more than reflect on her time in the famous house, Lateysha leapt up from the sofa to show off her funky moves, but no sooner had she started than her dress dramatically tore open. 

Wherever it’s from, the shop should probably be expecting an angry returning customer. And no, she won’t darn well have her receipt.

While Rylan did the gentlemanly thing and leapt across the sofa to cover her with his body, he couldn’t hide just how hilarious he found the whole thing, tweeting that it was literally the best episode of his spin-off show ever… 

… with some peach emoticons, because, of course. 


Big Brother continues tonight, 9pm Channel 5