Emmerdale: Nicola to have an affair with Dan?

Actress Nicola Wheeler hints that the pair will become more than just friends


Is Nicola about to cheat on husband Jimmy with paramedic-in-training Dan?


Nicola – who has been left with partial paralysis in the wake of the Mill Cottage fire – will find Dan coming to her rescue tonight after she gets her arm stuck while trying to retrieve a pen from behind the washing machine.

In the end, Nicola agrees to do some physio with Dan to help him with his paramedic course. But could this merely be the beginning of a bond between the two of them that will grow in the coming weeks?

Said actress Nicola Wheeler recently: “Nicola and Dan are giving each other what they need at the right time. She wants help that she’s not getting from Jimmy, and she’s a lot more supportive of Dan’s career change than Kerry.

“So with two souls getting what they want from each other rather than their partners, it could turn out to be a bit more than friendship.”


Actress Laura Norton, who plays Dan’s partner Kerry, also hinted that there are stormy times ahead for the pair.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Norton commented: “There have been a lot of light-hearted plots for Kerry and Dan, but things are going to be a bit darker, and we’ll be exploring a different side to Kerry. There’s going to be a bit of a bomb going off in their relationship.”

All of which has left us wondering whether that bomb could well come in the form of Nicola?!

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