News anchor accidentally disrupts weather forecast while playing Pokémon Go

Or: how to tell when your addiction's gone too far


We’re pretty sure the world’s new-found Pokémon Go addiction has been causing a few people problems this week – and journalist Allison Kropff may be the most red-faced of the lot after she accidentally interrupted her colleague’s weather forecast because she was so distracted by the augmented reality game.


Presenter Bobby Deskins was trying to deliver the outlook for Florida during a live broadcast when Kropff wandered in front of the camera, phone in hand.

Deskins warned viewers: “You guys have got to be careful with these phones and these Pokémon. You’re just walking around all over the place!”


Kropff later laughed off her embarrassment by uploading the clip to Twitter along with the caption: ‘That moment you realize you may be addicted to #PokémonGO.’