Cara and Nathan predict big rows at Love Island wrap party

It's going to be "just like Wimbledon" with all the "back and forth and fireworks" warn this year's winners as the entire cast prepare to come face-to-face for the final show


The Love Island cast of 2016 will come face-to-face later this week for the show’s wrap party and winners Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey warn there’ll be fireworks.


“I reckon you could expect a few heated arguments,” Nathan told today, the pair back in England after six weeks in the Mallorcan-based villa for the second series of the ITV2 show. “There’s been a few things said and stuff. There’s unfinished business. I think there’s going to be a few things said.”

“It’ll be like watching Wimbledon,” he continued. “It’ll be back and forth won’t it? There’s going to be arguments.”

“Fireworks…,” Cara added. 

Both were coy about what exactly might come to a head – “Well, it’s filmed so that’s for you to find out isn’t it?!” – but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there’s some pretty raw feelings between Malin, Terry and Emma, Sophie, Tom and Katie, Rachel, Rykard and Olivia… to name just a few.

Although, Cara doesn’t think we should be too quick to expect Malin and Emma to lock horns. Emma, if you remember, came in as Tom’s ex, wound him up by getting close with his new girlfriend Sophie, then got with Terry despite his supposed relationship with what was then an absent ‘girlfriend’ Malin, said she wouldn’t have sex on TV, promptly had sex on TV… yeah, there’s a few things there.

But Cara insists there isn’t reason for the girls to clash.

“Malin and Emma, I don’t think there’ll be anything because they didn’t even know each other. So there should be no bad feelings as they’ve never even met each other. When Emma came in she’d never met Malin, so she’d not done anything intentionally to upset her. Terry and Ma… I don’t know. We haven’t really spoke to either of them so we don’t know what the situation is between either of them…”.

Malin vs Terry round two? We’re game. Just as long as there’s some chopped up cheese toastie canapés for the others to eat as they watch on, eh?

As for our loved up winners, they’re not expecting any animosity to come their way from the rest of the gang and seem genuinely excited about their future together.

“Me and Nath are real,” gushed Cara. “Me and Nath had no expectations [for the final]. I’m not going to lie, me and Nath had a lot of people come up to us and say we’re rooting for you – [even] people in production. I know that’s naughty but they might of…

“I felt like I’d won already,” she continued. “I came in here to find someone, I found someone so I’d have been happy to go at any point, but it was nice to be there until the end.”

Cara says fans’ interest in their relationship adds no extra pressure now they’re out of the villa and that they certainly won’t stick together purely for publicity or what they can make out of being ‘Cara and Nathan’. 

“What we do is what we do. Other people watched us from the outside, but it is our relationship and it’s real and, god forbid if we ever did break up, it would be because we want to,” she explained. “We’re not just going to stay together for publicity or this or that. We’re together because we want to be together. If it ever comes to the point we don’t want to be together then we won’t. But I don’t see that happening.”

“Nah! We’re happy, very happy,” Nathan added. 

Fans missing their Cara and Nathan fix will be delighted to hear more reality TV is on the cards, too. But, they warn, they come as a pair.

“Obviously everyone wants to better their life and if anything came up I’d take it with two hands,” Nathan enthused before clarifying: “Doing it together? Yeah of course we’re in it together!”


Love Island: Heading Home airs Sunday 17th July at 9pm on ITV2