Nathan says the L-word to Cara in a poem during Love Island series finale

And Alex and Olivia make it official


Forget lies and lust, love is actually in the air during tonight’s Love Island final. 


The remaining couples attend the Love Island Summer Ball, an exclusive event which sees the girls head off dress shopping while the boys learn to dance. All of the lovebirds are then tasked with revealing exactly how they feel about their other halves during their Declarations of Love. 

Some are a little cringe, some a tad non-committal, but Nathan decides tonight is the night to finally crack out the L-word. 

“I wanna look back on this in 30 years time and show our grandchildren how we met and that we used to be banging. We’ve got this far, let’s keep going on this crazy adventure, still making memories and let’s one day make some babies,” his squeeze Cara said, before Nathan recited a poem to his beloved:

“The moment I met you, I gazed into those big green eyes,
And you instantly stepped forward, and I didn’t get pied.
You have the best eyes, nice boobs and a never-ending arse,
To go the full way with you and win, now that would be class.
Cara, you’re kind, genuine, and funnier than most,
And I can’t wait to get out, meet nanny Linda and have one of her roasts.
We always talk about the word love and we miss out the ‘ve’,
Now Cara, I’ve fallen in love with you, will you fall in love with me?”

“I said the love word,” he explained afterwards, adding: “I don’t throw it around. I’m a man that don’t show his emotions but the journey me and Cara have been on means a lot to me. I love Cara, and I mean it.”

Thing were also getting serious for Alex and Olivia who decided it was high time they made it official. 

“I’ve never felt like this before and I just want you to know, I’m all yours and you’re mine,” Alex said, before Olivia added: “In my lifetime I haven’t experienced happiness quite like this, and it’s all down to this one. I can call you my boyfriend?”

“Yeah. I’ve got a girlfriend! It’s mad,” he replied. 

Anyone else feeling a little mushy inside? 


Love Island ends tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2