Love Island 2016 final: what to expect

Caroline Flack is readying to crown this year's winning couple as the fittest finally survives


We’ve been told many a time that Love Island is ‘survival of the fittest’ and tonight we’ll finally know who is the fittest and who has survived because the winning couple will be crowned. 


And, it’s a crown that won’t be taken back for any rumpy pumpy on screen, by the by… 

Throughout this second series of the ITV2 show islanders have coupled up, uncoupled, re-coupled, mugged each other off, cut up toasties, ruined clean t-shirts, screamed, cried, rubbed their bums against windows… but it’s all down to this final show now. 

So how will it play out? Here’s what we know so far:

Caroline Flack will host the final live from the villa


The islanders will actually be expecting to see Flack for once, rather than getting an unexpected bombshell upon her arrival. That’ll make a nice change for them, won’t it? Like last year, Flack will broadcast from poolside, with a small stage built near the jacuzzi end as the show builds to the moment the winning couple is crowned. 

We’re expecting four couples in the final


Four loved-up (pretending or otherwise) couples will make it to the final, which means there’s a couple more ‘dumpings’ to go before then. It leaves us unable to hazard a guess at who’ll still be there by then, but we’d be particularly shocked if Nathan and Cara and Kady and Scott aren’t there.

Three couples will be voted off throughout the night of the final, during which point they’ll probably cry and promise to stay together forever. One couple will get the all important chance to scoop the prize money though. 

What’s the prize?

You mean aside from everlasting love? There’s £50,000 in the pot.

There could be a new finale ‘dilemma’ instead of the ‘love or money?’ choice used last year


Last year’s winning couple Max and Jess were each asked to choose either love or money. If they both chose love, they shared the prize money. But if one said money and the other didn’t, the one who said money took the whole lot. Luckily, they both chose love last year and trotted off £25,000 richer each to then, well, break up. But anyway, it might not work the same way this year. We’re told production are still deciding on if/what the final dilemma could be. 

Paul Danan won’t be there


Darn! We’re told celebrity guests aren’t expected for the final, which is a crying shame as we thought Mr Love Island himself Paul Danan would be back. When he was there last year he eventually got pushed in his hotel pool by former Strictly star James Jordan. The laughs we’re missing out on this year. 

When/what time is it on?


The final takes place Monday 11th July from 9:00pm until 10:30pm on ITV2