ITV2 plan Love Island follow-up after contestants return to UK

The drama isn't over...


Six steamy weeks in the sun are almost over for this year’s Love Island contestants.Tonight will see one couple crowned the winners and recipients of a hefty cash prize. But that doesn’t mean the drama is over…


ITV2 are set to revisit the Islanders next weekend in Love Island: Heading Home, a show which will dish all the delicious dirt during the show’s wrap party. 

The tell-all episode will capture “all of the action and aftermath as each Islander packs their bags and jets back to the UK,” featuring “exclusive interviews and reactions from the evicted Islanders and some of their nearest and dearest.”

And it’s a good job too, because we’re not quite ready to say goodbye. We want to know what will happen to our lovebirds when they are reintroduced to the real world. Will their fledgling romances last? Will any pairings end up being ‘showmances’? Who will be pied? Who will be mugged off?

Is there more drama on the cards for Malin and Terry? Has Tom forgiven Sophie? Will Nathan really go round for a roast with Cara’s nan? 

It’s all to be revealed. And we can’t wait. 

Love Island: Heading Home will air on Sunday 


Love Island ends tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2