Home and Away: will Matt leave with Maddy? And Tori is rattled by a shooting

18-22 July 2016: And Phoebe’s world is sent spinning when Dom gets a surprise visit from his wife


Monday 18 July


Ricky and Nate’s relationship continues on its downward spiral. Tori is perturbed when the victims of a shooting arrive at the hospital and takes the first opportunity to leave the building. Despite reservations about leaving the Bay, Matt makes a snap decision to travel the world with Maddy. 

Tuesday 19 July

Maddy realises that Matt belongs in Summer Bay and leaves without him. Roo takes drastic action to heal the pain of Maddy’s departure. Ricky is upset with Nate for missing their marriage counselling session. Phoebe’s world is sent spinning with Dom gets a surprise visit from his wife. 

Wednesday 20 July

Billie goes to dangerous lengths to hide evidence that her baby might be anyone but VJ’s. Roo struggles to cope with her increasingly fragile state. Phoebe pushes Dom for clarity on their burgeoning relationship, while his wife Tess makes an impassioned plea for reconciliation. 

Thursday 21 July

Olivia decides that she wants to be intimate with Hunter again. Billie is secretly pleased when Leah impulsively invites her to move in with them during a family dinner. Tank is torn when his dad asks him to move away, but when Greg says that Skye cannot come with them, the young lovers decide to run away together instead. 


Friday 22 July

Hunter worries about Olivia’s reaction to the news that Skye has run away. When Ricky attempts to hide a birthday card for Casey from Brax, Nate is irate and hits the bottle. When Kat finds out that the Charlotte
King murder case is being reopened, she encourages Josh to tell the truth.