Emmerdale: shock fall for Moira to have “huge repercussions”

A confrontation with Holly's drug dealer Simon has unexpected consequences


Moira Dingle is to endanger herself when she takes on Holly’s drug dealer Simon.


Scenes to be shown next week on Emmerdale see Moira find missed calls from Simon on Holly’s phone – all of which leaves her to think that her daughter has once again given in to her heroin addiction.

With Holly supposedly heading to the pharmacy with Jai to collect her methadone, Moira becomes increasingly suspicious that she is in fact out seeking drugs.

Says actress Natalie J Robb: “Holly’s left her phone and Moira finds some missed calls from her dealer and that’s when she thinks she’s arranged something.

“There are loads of missed calls and messages saying he’ll do her a deal and she doesn’t have to pay up front. This obviously rings alarm bells for Moira and she goes in search of Holly.”

Fearing that Holly has caved, Moira races round to Simon’s and barges in, not thinking about the possibility that she could end up in trouble herself.

“Moira’s not a happy chappy. She goes around expecting to find Holly and more or less kicks his door down. There are other addicts there and she has a bit of a fight as he insults her daughter who isn’t there.

“There’s a bit of a tussle and Moira falls, but unfortunately this fall has huge repercussions for Moira.”

So what is it that happens to Moira? And will she end up keeping the details from her nearest and dearest? You can find out when Emmerdale broadcasts these scenes on Thursday 21 July.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below


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