Coronation Street: Kate to date Sophie after break-up with Caz? They’d make a great couple, says Faye Brookes

But it doesn't look like Caz will be quitting Weatherfield any time soon...


Kate looks set to have a tough time in getting Caz out of her life when her army officer ex moves in with Maria.


Upcoming Coronation Street scenes see Kate break up with Caz when the truth about her absence from the armed forces is revealed.

As it turns out, Caz has been lying about being injured and is instead facing a court martial for fighting at her barracks – a scrap in which Caz’s opponent came off much worse!

However, it doesn’t look like Caz will be leaving Weatherfield any time soon – so how will Kate free herself of Caz’s influence? And will she now take up with Sophie Webster, with whom she was recently seen sharing an impromptu kiss?

Here, actress Faye Brookes reveals all about what’s coming up for her character – and the rest of her on-screen family…

How is Kate feeling since finding out about Caz’s deception?
She’s so hurt. She had given her another chance and now she’s discovered she has been lying all along. She feels very betrayed by Caz – I think she invested everything into that relationship especially after everything that happened with Sophie.

Do you think it’s a blessing considering she’s always had her doubts about marrying Caz?
Maybe. She knew she wasn’t quite ready for marriage but I think commitment scares Kate. Her Dad hasn’t ever really settled down and she’s also still trying to figure out who she is. The fact that this has happened makes it easier in some ways for her to get out of the relationship as she has a reason.

Why is Kate so unwilling to hear Caz out? Is it the final straw for her?
I think Kate will find it hard to forgive Caz. This isn’t the first time that she has lied to her, so how is she expected to trust her again?

How does she feel when Caz moves in with Maria?
Firstly, I think she’s questioning Maria’s loyalty – why has Maria taken Caz’s side? And just when Kate thinks that Caz is no longer an issue in her life, she finds out that she is only down the street!

Caz has already shown her controlling side – is there potential for this story to take a dark turn if she sets her mind to winning back Kate?
Oh I think Caz is capable of anything! That’s what’s slightly scary and puts Kate on edge. She’s is a very clever girl…

Where does this leave Kate and Sophie? Is there still chemistry between them?
I’m hoping that Sophie and Kate will become better friends because of it. That’s what they are first and foremost, but Caz wasn’t happy about that and it affected Kate and Sophie’s relationship.

Do you think Kate and Sophie would make a great couple?
I do actually, but then I like I also love their friendship. Maybe it can be something that we all look forward to seeing unravel – a “will they won’t they?”  situation.

Who do the fans want Kate to be with?
100 per cent Sophie.

Kate’s wedding day keeps eluding her! Would you like for her to get married and film a soap wedding?
I would love that purely just for the fact that it could go down in history as the first ever lesbian soap wedding!

Meanwhile, Johnny is growing closer to Jenny. How do Aidan and Kate feel about their dad dating another woman?
Kate loves the idea of her Dad being happy. She’s a real daddy’s girl and he’s brought them up single handed. Though, she will always want to vet a potential partner for Johnny.

How do you think they’d feel about having Jenny Bradley as their wicked stepmother?
Dad hasn’t had the best of luck with his choice of ladies in the past, but I think Jenny Bradley has a lot of potential Step Mum qualities. I do think Kate and Aidan will be wary of her motives.

How is the Connor family feeling since Carla’s departure?
They’re all a little lost and they’re all dealing with it in our own ways. Kate would have liked to have Carla around when it call goes wrong with Caz. She would value her advice.

Can you give us any sneaky hints about what you’ve been filming recently and what is coming up for the Connors?
I can definitely say that Caz is going to be 100 per cent trouble for the Connors and potentially other residents – but not directly for Kate Connor.

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