Love Island’s Terry and Emma on their future, Malin’s shock return and THAT sex scene

The couple reflect on their time in the sun-soaked villa


That’s it. Emma and Terry have been voted off Love Island. With Monday’s final inching ever closer, the pair were handed a shock eviction after Caroline Flack appeared with the news that not one but two couples would be departing immediately. 


Along with Adam J and Lauren, Em and Tel were given their marching orders – so how do they feel now they’re out of the sun-soaked villa? And what do they make of the controversy surrounding their time on the show?

Are you glad to be out?

Terry: I’m really happy to be out, I’ll be honest. I was just at the end of my journey. The last couple of nights, I’ve been a bit down. It’s so emotionally draining in there and I felt like I gained as much as I could from the experience and leaving last night, I left with a smile on my face and a spring in my step still. 

Who do you think you’ll spend time with outside the house? 

Terry: Alex and Nathan are definitely two boys that I do want to take to the grave with me. I love them both so much and we have had a click – I miss them already. 

Emma: 1000% I’ll see Cara and Olivia and I can’t wait to see Katie as well because we just get on so well – she’s really my type of girl and we have such a giggle together but I’m sure I’ll see Tina and meet up with Kady from time to time.


Which couple do you think has got the closest connection and who would you like to see win? 

Terry: Do you know what, it’s so hard to call. It’s got to be Nathan and Cara – they’ve been together since day dot and they work really well together but on the other hand Scott and Kady, they’ve been through so much in there and I’ve seen it unfold and it hasn’t broken them. I’ve seen them come out the other end so, so strong and they do care hugely about one another so I’m so split on that – it’s so hard, it really is.

Emma: I agree with Terry, I think Nathan and Cara actually are besotted by each other. I feel like obviously Kady and Scott have overcome so many things and still are together and obviously are now official. 

You’ve been involved in some graphic sex scenes – are you worried about some of the negative press you’ve received as a result? 

Terry: To be honest, not really – I’m a male, I’m 28 years old, I have sex as much as the next 28-year-old male does. Unfortunately mine was on TV but I’m not different to anyone else. So it doesn’t [bother me]– I’m not going to take it to heart. I don’t regret anything I’ve done in there. You know, I’m a boy. 

Do you think girls get a harder time for it than guys?

Terry: Yeah, I do think girls get grilled a lot more which I don’t think they should – I’ve never grilled a girl for doing it. We’re all human and I think girls that grill girls, it’s more of a hypocrite thing because everyone has sex and I think it’s clear to see that most of the people on the show had sex. We’re all sort of attached to our partner and we are human – it happens. 

Can you see why some people were a little narked with the speed with which you moved on from Malin? 

Terry: It’s totally understandable but no one realises that there were cracks showing in mine and Malin’s relationship. It didn’t happen overnight. I said to her in bed – I remember saying ‘listen Malin, you’re pushing me away. I can’t keep doing this.’ And when she went I did have two days to really analyse our relationship and the penny dropped – it wasn’t what I wanted and I don’t think Malin could have dealt with me on the outside. She couldn’t deal with me in there. I do feel for Malin, I understand it wasn’t nice for her to see – I totally get that. 

Were you surprised to see her come in or relieved that the confrontation was out the way?

Terry: I would have preferred being told I was going to meet Malin and being able to squash it. Unfortunately I felt like I was led into a bit of a trap thinking I was going for a beer with Scott and it was just – I was annoyed at the whole team for setting me up like that so as soon as I saw Malin I was annoyed. I understand that she was upset but she was just going way off track with the things she was saying, like, ‘Oh, Emma’s 19, I heard you slept with 500 girls, calling me 10 second Tel.’ It was just a bit embarrassing – I felt like she didn’t really deal with it like an adult and I didn’t want it to go that way. 


Emma, what do you have to say to viewers who had their suspicions that you went into the villa just to cause Tom trouble?

Emma: Obviously I understand that but [Love Island] is not the sort of thing that comes by every few months – if the opportunity comes you have to take it there and then because it might not come around again. I’m not going to sit back and wait for next year for the sake of an ex-boyfriend’s feelings. 

Yesterday saw the boys subjected to lie detector tests – Terry, if you could have asked any of the girls a question, what would it have been?

Terry: I’ll be honest, if I had to ask Em a question it would probably be did she come in the villa with the idea to get with Tom or was she coming in there solely to f**k over Tom? 

And Emma, did you have a question for any of the other boys?

Emma: I would have probably asked Scott if he regretted not taking his twin brother’s advice. Just because I’ve heard him bring it up quite a few times so I feel like it’s something he’s dwelling on even if he says he’s glad he didn’t take everyone’s advice. It does feel like it’s something that’s playing on his mind a bit so I’d like to have known if he does regret not taking that advice. 

Do you have plans to meet up when you get back? 

Terry: We are, definitely. We haven’t hidden the fact that we’re going to meet up. As everyone knows, me and Emma took pigeon steps. I don’t like putting pressure on it, neither does Em. But we love each other’s company so we’re definitely going to meet up for drinks.


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2