Celebrity Big Brother’s new eye logo revealed

As well as a surprising Shakespearean influence…


The latest series of Big Brother hasn’t even concluded yet on Channel 5, but the broadcaster has already unveiled the new “eye” logo for this year’s Celebrity Big Brother (see above) – as well as the surprising news that the series theme is partially inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.


Well, sort of – while we doubt there’ll be an awful lot of iambic pentameter spoken in the house, apparently the play’s immortal line “All that glisters is not gold” is an important idea in this series, as revealed in this newly-released summary for what we can expect:

The BB House has been given a glamorous make-over for our brand new celebrity Housemates, but they shouldn’t make themselves too much at home, because despite the shiny new look of the house they must remember, all that glitters is not gold! 

The identities of the Housemates are top secret, but we can confirm there will be egos, drama, tantrums and diva strops. Who will be crowned winner this year? You decide!

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Celebrity Big Brother will return this summer