The cast of Sherlock were super upset that Wales lost to Portugal at Euro 2016

They couldn't 221B-elieve it...


They’re usually solving crimes and stealing the show on our TV screens but last night the cast of Sherlock were just like the rest of us, sitting in front of a TV willing Wales to make it all the way to the final of Euro 2016.


They even sent the team a good luck message before the game kicked off.

The excitement was strong with Amanda Abbington and Mark Gatiss, who were eager to show their support for the Welsh dragons.

And Louise Brealey seemed particularly excited too.

As the game took a turn for the worse in the second half, the cast revealed that they are basically all of us watching football. I mean just look at Brealey’s running commentary.

And Abbington wasn’t far behind her.

Team Sherlock seemed SUPER sad to see Wales bow out. Martin Freeman even posed for a rare Twitter snap to express his disappointment.

But they remembered the most important thing in the end.


As the Welsh put it themselves, #togetherstronger!