Love Island’s Scott and Alex in BIG trouble after lie detector test

You know when you're trying to tell the truth but a machine says you're lying? Yeah, that...


Oh, Love Island how we enjoy it when you bring out the lie detector test. 


Some of the boys are in very hot water tonight because, despite being adamant they’re telling the truth, the lie detector says they’re not. And, you know, clue’s in the name, it’s detecting lies. 

Scott is the first to get into a pickle. 

Asked whether he saw himself staying with Kady, Scott answered ‘Yes’, but the lie detector said false. Scott then admitted that he didn’t trust Kady, which the detector found to be true.

When asked ‘Is Kady the girl you’ve liked the most in the six years you’ve been single?’, Scott said ‘Yes’ but the result came back as a (yep, you guessed, it) lie.

An irritated Scott said: “I know by the way I’m feeling and the way I am that she must be the girl that I like the most. I’ve not even come close to feeling like this about a girl in a long time. I’m a bit gutted that didn’t come back as true.”

But if he thought that was tough, it’s nothing on Alex’s experience of the lie detector game* (*pain in the a***). Olivia’s already unsure of his intentions, so suffice it to say this doesn’t help:

Are your feelings real towards Olivia?

Alex said ‘Yes’, but the detector said it was a lie.

Is Olivia silly to trust you?

Alex answered ‘No’ and the detector claimed it was a lie.

Do you find any girl in the villa more attractive than Olivia?

Answering ‘No’, the detector alleged that Alex was lying.

Do you see a future with Olivia?

Alex said ‘Yes’, but once again the lie detector said he was lying. 

He handled it really well: “The test can go f*** itself really. I don’t care what the test has got to say.” 

Meanwhile, Terry seems to have come out of it quite well with him and Emma going on to talk about their post-Love Island future. Albeit coming across as a cheater, but hey, we know that already right?

Later, attention focuses back on who’s sticking around as another re-coupling comes along. Adam is in the driving seat here really, with a potential friendship with Tina or possible romance with Katie. 


See how that plays out tonight from 9:00pm on ITV2