Love Island couples given dogs to look after in adorable new challenge

The islanders had to look after a pooch for the day and they loved it


Love Island has sent seven brand new islanders in… and they’re dogs. 


Yes, each couple has been given a dog to look after in what appears to be one of the best tasks ever. Who wouldn’t want a poochy pal to look after?

Well, aside from who people don’t like dogs, are scared of dogs, or are allergic to dogs… but anyway. Most would want this brilliantly fluffy challenge. 

It appears to have the desired effect. Adam was having a lovely cuddle and Terry said it was the best day ever. 

“Every single person in the villa had a big smile on their face and everyone just forgot about their problems and spent time with the dogs, loving them. It’s probably the best day I’ve had in the villa.”

And Kady and Scott started dreaming up their life together with even more four-legged friends, which is presumably what the Love Island bosses were going for. 

“I want us to get a dog, can we get a dog? I want three dogs, then we can move in, then get engaged, then we can have children.”

After all, we’re supposed to believe all of these ‘official’ couples are going to go on and last forever like Malin and Terry, oh and er, Tom and er, Sophie… oh. 

Ah, let’s just enjoy watching the dogs frolic around the villa. 


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2