Love Island’s Scott and Kady take their relationship to the next level

No, not like that, in a nice way...


Say it with towels. Is that the phrase? Doesn’t sound quite right for some reason. Anyway… that’s what Scott does after he decides he wants to take his relationship with Kady to the next level…


No, not that level, a nice level – he wants her to be his girlfriend. On Love Island, that’s basically like asking someone to marry you. But without any real commitment of course. Anyway…

…you’re in the Love Island villa, you’ve decided you really like someone and you want to tell them in a special way. But how? It’s not as if you can go out and buy flowers, chocolates or an economy sized pack of condoms. So what can you use? Towels, of course!

Yep, Scott spells out “Be my GF?” in towels. And when Katy sees it through the window, the reaction is just what he’s after: “Oh my god! I can’t deal with it. Yes!” Cue clapping and cheering from their fellow Islanders, who now can’t remember whose sun lounger is whose.

Kady runs downstairs to hug Scott, saying: “It’s so cute. You’re my boyfriend!” and adding “Now I can tell you what to do!”

And it seems that’s exactly what Scott’s after…

“We’re on Love Island, I thought ‘Why not do something special for her’. I’ve been single for six years man, this is a weird thing. For me to do something like this, I must really like the girl. She puts me in my place and I guess that’s what I need. Well done Love Island, you’ve turned me into a soppy bastard.”

So what else did Mr and Mrs Soppy Bastard have to say about their new arrangement?

Kady in the Beach Hut: “It’s so weird. I now have a boyfriend! I swear to god, I’ve never had anyone do something so thoughtful and so sweet for me before. People can buy you stuff, but that was so sweet. We had such a rollercoaster; I don’t regret any of it. Not all couples would have got through what we’ve been through. It shows we are strong and we do like each other.”

Scott: “I’m genuinely smitten with Kady. I’m obsessed with the girl and I think people can see that. There’s no better place to make a big gesture than Love Island. You’ve got to pick your moment in here and I think it paid off.”

Lovely stuff. Now, where did I put my towel…?


Love Island is tonight at 9pm on ITV2