The new Big Brother 2016 housemate? A dog

In a surprise plot twist, housemate Jason Burrill gets his beloved Clio the pooch...


The Big Brother housemates have plenty of bones to pick with each other – but tonight there’s going to be a new housemate who will enjoy gnawing at them.


Jason Burrill’s pooch Clio is entering the house as part of a new plot twist which will see the contestant’s ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriend, a mum and of course, the dog, become part of the show.

Burrill, who works as a movie body double, has made his affection for his pet very clear and regularly talks about Clio to his housemates.


On Friday’s Big Brother, Emma Willis teased that there would be a shake-up on the show: “Starting this weekend, the house is going to open its doors to new guests…and some might even stay over.”