Home and Away: Phoebe and Dom rekindle their romance, while Nate and Ricky’s recovery is derailed

11-15 July 2016: Plus Billie admits to Ash that VJ is the father of her baby


Monday 11 July


Nate and Ricky’s relationship starts to get back on track, only for it to be derailed once again when Nate spies a suspicious text on her phone. Dom and Phoebe put their differences aside to search for Bella when she goes missing. Olivia finds an unlikely supporter in Chris, who encourages her to attend a counselling session. 

Tuesday 12 July

Nate confronts Ricky when he finds out that she confided in Phoebe that she thinks their marriage is on the rocks. Ash forces Kat and Phoebe to face each other over an awkward lunch. Ash overhears Billie talking to Tori about the baby, and when he demands to know who the father is, she tells him that the baby is VJ’s. 

Wednesday 13 July

Following Billie’s pregnancy bombshell, Ash goes on the rampage and breaks the news to VJ and Leah. Roo flirts with danger when she seeks a cure for her guilt-fuelled insomnia. Tension mounts for Josh when Evie expects him to side with her in vengeance against Andy. 

Thursday 14 July

Things go from bad to worse for Roo when Tanya reveals that she is suing her over her part in the accident. Matt fears that he is not capable of taking care of Maddy and wonders if she is better off with her mum after all. Skye defies John’s wishes and decides to sleep with Tank. 


Friday 15 July

Roo tries to hide news of the impending lawsuit from Maddy, fearing that the stress will hinder her recovery. When Maddy finds out, however, she is furious with Tanya and makes a bold decision about her future. John and Skye have a huge argument when he finds out that she has continued to see Tank behind his back.