Romance is blossoming on Love Island as Sophie and Katie admit their feelings for each other

Katie says she's here to find a man - but after a heart-to-heart with Sophie it looks like she's changed her mind...


“I came in here to find a man. I want to have babies with a man, I want to get married,” says Katie at the start of Sunday night’s Love Island. “I’ve experimented with girls and I’ve had a bit of a relationship but it’s never been anything so serious that we’re walking down the street holding hands.”


Well by the end of the episode, it seems like she may have changed her mind…

As a new Islander Katie gets to choose three people to date, deciding on Alex, Adam and Sophie.

Things go well with Adam and she tells him: “you really surprised me. I admire your confidence, that you’ve been coming up to me and trying to make an effort. I like that. You’ve never done that with any other girl, so I see that as a massive compliment.” 

In the Beach Hut afterwards, Adam is understandably upbeat, saying: “The start of the night, I was a bit disheartened when I heard Katie liked women as well. But now I think I’ve pulled it back. I’m in the lead of the race.”

Hold your horses Adam.

As the Islanders headed to bed for the night, Sophie and Katie have the first of two heart-to-hearts… 

Sophie: “You’re the most chilled person who’s come in here so far. I’m quite like that.”

Katie: “I know you are, I’ve seen. From the outside world, everyone’s saying how gorgeous you are and how stunning you are. Tom is a good-looking guy; I just don’t think you’re with the guy that you’d [normally] go for. All the lads in here are good-looking. But I thought I’d come in here and have a lad in mind, and I don’t.”

Sophie: “Well, I’m single…”

In the Beach Hut later, an excited Katie confesses: “There is definitely a giddy feeling there between us; I think we both definitely got that. We both got on so well, and there’s a sexual attraction as well. We both definitely fancy each other. We both said that we’re each other’s type.” 

Well guess what, that works out just great because Katie’s final date is with Sophie. And as the pair enjoy a romantic glass of bubbly under the stars, Katie seems to be having second thoughts about ending up with a boy rather than a girl…

Katie: “I’ve always said, I don’t know if boys are just for fun and girls are for soul mates. You really are so stunning. Your dimples are so cute. You’ve got such a big aura about you.”

Sophie: “I think you coming in is like a godsend. I was ready to give up. You came in with this energy. Who do you feel most strongly towards, Alex, Adam or me?”

Katie: “Completely you. Honestly, I really do. How do you feel about me?”

Sophie: “I’m so glad you’re here. I feel like you’re almost an angel sent into the villa at a time that I’m at my most lowest ebb.”

Katie: “I want to pick you up; I want to bring you out more. You should be excited, because it’ll be one hell of a ride now. I’m so glad I picked you and I saved the best until last.”


Are we just getting soppy, or does this feel like something special…?