Malin IS returning to Love Island and Terry looks terrified

Love Island's latest twist sees Malin head back to confront Terry about his on-screen antics with Emma-Jane


Fellow Love Island viewers, give yourselves a pat on the back as it looks like all of our calls for Malin Andersson to return have reached show bosses’ ears as she’s officially heading back in. 


It’s set to be an explosive return, what with her leaving as Terry Walsh’s girlfriend only to have to watch from home as he decided he’d rather just hook up with new arrival Emma-Jane Woodham instead. 

And yes, ‘hook up’ is putting it lightly. 

Terry certainly looks surprised to see his former girlfriend back. 


Surprised and, well, terrified. 

Malin’s not been shy of sharing her opinion since being back at home. She probably didn’t need to say it, but she confirmed she’s now single and had a pop at the Emma-Jane insisting she was welcome to her “sloppy seconds”

Malin’s return is purely for this confrontation away from the villa, so she’s not back as a full-time contestant. Insiders had previously told me that a face-to-face showdown was unlikely although there were “ideas” circling of how to involve her, such as a video message. However, I’m told the change in plans came quite last minute. No doubt after seeing just how much everyone really wanted it to happen. 

Personally I hope that while she’s telling Terry exactly what she thinks of him she’s very slowly chopping up a cheese toastie…


Love Island continues tomorrow night at 9:00pm on ITV2